Choosing Catholic education for your child is a wonderful way to help them grow in their faith. However, it can't be the only way we help them discover Christ's love. As parents, the Church recognizes our sacred and important role in being the primary teachers of faith and the main source to help model the Gospel. Check out some of these resources to help you give your children the greatest gift of all - understanding of their purpose and how much God loves them.


All mothers need each other to laugh, encourage, talk, and pray as we figure out this crazy journey. ALL are welcome anytime to the Queen of Heaven Moms Group gatherings.

Daily Readings

Click here to read & reflect on the Daily Mass Readings.


Queen of Heaven Home School Guild supports our students, teachers, faculty and fellow parents. We recognize Christ in each other and embrace others as part of the Queen of Heaven family - celebrating joys and sharing challenges. We plan fun events and organize ways to raise money to sustain our children's future learning at Queen of Heaven School.

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