All Queen of Heaven Families are required to work 5-hours at the Queen of Heaven Carnival each July (or a Carnival-based job before/after the event), as well 5-hours at school-organized fundraisers during the school year. See below for more details and FAQ.


How are the 5 Hours during the school year divided up?

Beginning in 2019-2020, we are requiring that at least 2 of the 5 hours be toward our biggest fundraisers, the Meat Raffle in February and/or the Sweepstakes Event in March. Hours could be done prior to the event selling tickets/setting up, obtaining at least $250 of basket raffle donations (this counts as 2 hours), and/or helping at the event itself. The other 3 hours could be at any HSG fundraising event. Many of our smaller events don't actually need people in 5 hour blocks. We hope this change helps even out the work and ensure we are able to run events smoothly.

Can I choose my assignment?

We do our best to match your talents and needs of the event. At the beginning of the school year, families fill out a Volunteer Interest Form and we attempt to pair you up with various event chairs based on what you indicated. If you have a special interest in something, connection with an organization or business you think would like to partner with our school, etc. not indicated on that form please email HSG VP Sarah Leahy. While we do our best to match your requests, you may be assigned a duty out of necessity.

Who keeps track of hours? I forgot how many I have done.

The Home School Guild Vice President keeps a database of hours attributed to each family after receiving reports from the chairs of various events. Click Here to request an update of your status.

Can I do more or bring multiple people from my family to volunteer?

Yes! If every family only did the minimum of 5 hours during the year, we simply wouldn't be able to host the events and raise the necessary funds to keep our school open. Many families go over and above and enjoy meeting others who are passionate about our school!


Can I opt out of hours all together?

There is an option at the beginning of the year to pay additional $400 as a non-volunteering family and not help out during the school year. If your family has chosen this path, we encourage you to still attend and participate in our events. Families who did not choose this category and do not meet the 5 hour requirement will be invoiced at the end of the year. ALL families are still required to sell a minimum of $250 in Sweepstakes tickets.

Does Home School Guild keep track of Carnival hours?

Carnival is facilitated and managed by the Queen of Heaven Parish Carnival Committee; however, we do have a record from them of who worked hours if you need to check or verify.


Queen of Heaven Home School Guild supports our students, teachers, faculty and fellow parents. We recognize Christ in each other and embrace others as part of the Queen of Heaven family - celebrating joys and sharing challenges. We plan fun events and organize ways to raise money to sustain our children's future learning at Queen of Heaven School.

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